Why Hire an Executive Business Coach?

A coach is essentially someone who helps a person learn a certain professional skill. Sports coaches, for example, train basketball, football, hockey and other sports players to work together as a team and learn to play the sport to the best of their ability. Personal coaches help a person develop a plan for managing time, losing weight or accomplishing some other important personal goal.

business manExecutive coaches in Los Angeles specialize in helping executives improve their work habits, professional skills, inter-personal skills and efficiency. Such coaches may work with a CEO, board member, experienced executive or newly promoted manager to help him or her develop the exact professional and leadership skills needed to be successful in the job at hand.

Executive coaching can be done one on one or in small groups. However, it is best done on a personal basis, as each executive is different and a personalized approach will enable a person to identify his or her weak areas and develop a plan for improving in these areas.

Why Hire an Executive Business Coach?

There are many reasons why a company or even private individual may opt to hire a professional executive business coach. Companies have found that executive coaching is a must for newly promoted managers and executives. While the individual being promoted may have the skills needed for the job, he or she will need to learn how to work with former peers, get training in how to handle new responsibilities and learn how to communicate with new peers in an effective manner.

Experienced managers, executives and even CEOs hire an executive coach to help give them a new perspective of their job, teach them how to manage their time more efficiently, provide insight into how the company can grow, increase ROI and develop new products. The smartest businessmen know that they cannot afford to put personal development on a back burner and so hire a professional who can help them continually improve in their line of work.

In some cases, an executive or manager may hire a coach to help them deal with a specific business problem, i.e. slowing sales, employee problems, staff communication problems, etc. A coach who is hired to handle a specific problem may speak not only with an executive but also other employees in the company who are responsible for the problem and/or solving the issue at hand.

What is Executive Coaching?

It is very important to note that a good executive coach will generally never tell a person what to do and how to do it. Instead, a coach will get a person to look at all facets of the problem or issue at hand. The coach will then give the person ideas and suggestions for how the problem could be dealt with and in many cases an executive and the coach will go over the pros and cons of various options. Once a person has determined to pursue a particular course of action, the coach will help a person make a goal list and determine how to pursue the course of action in the best possible way.

On the other hand, a coach who is handling communication related problems will give a person practical communication advice that can help resolve the problem. Business coaches that specialize in communications issues can help an executive communicate with his or her staff and colleagues better, learn how to be tactful yet honest and even give practical presentation tips that will help a person communicate better with customers and/or potential customers.

A coach can and will communicate with a client via phone, email, SMS, social media and/or in person. A lot depends on what type of coach a person has and how often he or she wants to meet with the coach. In the beginning, a person will need to meet his or her coach on a very regular basis. Once certain plans have been established, a person may not need to communicate with the coach in person as often as before.

Group coaching is a bit different from personal coaching. A group coach works with a number of executives at the same time. Instead of helping any single individual develop a personal job improvement plan, a group coach will deal with issues that affect all executives and help these executives develop a realistic plan for dealing with a particular issue, increasing personal productivity and communicating better with colleagues, superiors and underlings. Group coaching is usually done in person or via video conferencing and a coach will meet with his or her clients at a set time.

A person who needs the services of an executive coach should take the time to find a coach who has experience providing the type of help that is needed. A coach will take the time to communicate with a person or group of people on a regular basis, give practical tips and insight into how certain problems and issues can be handled and then help clients develop a personal or group plan for improvement. Coaches will then help clients monitor this plan and ensure that it is providing the best possible results.

A coach can increase a person’s job satisfaction, help him or her become more efficient and a better communicator, boost a company’s ROI and assess weak areas in the company that need improvement. However, it is important to note that hiring a good coach is only the first step towards improvement. An executive who wants to get the most out of a coaching session should be sure to put the plan into practice, assess it as often as needed and communicate with the coach on a regular basis in order to handle issues as they come up and deal with problems and even opportunities in the best possible manner.