Executive Career Coaching

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As more and more people enter career fields hoping to rise up to the upper echelon of executive positions, it becomes increasingly difficult each year to attain the top management careers. Executive Career Coaching has emerged from this cluster of candidates in order to help career growth by nurturing and facilitating the skills needed to get onto the fast track for an executive job opening or promotion. This type of coaching is not strictly limited to executives, however, since its valuable lessons may be applied to any person interested in professional growth and better options for their future.

Career Coaching And Compensation

Any career you have will likely be the major (if not sole) source of income throughout your life and on into retirement. You may need to send children to college and pay off a mortgage on your paycheck. The pay rate of management in comparison to regular workers is far from linear. In the United States, a CEO makes approximately forty times more than the workers underneath him or her. A manager’s compensation may be twice as much as those that they supervise. While Executive Career Coaching may be expensive in order to get the best lessons, it can pay for itself within the span of a single paycheck if you are able to get the right job.

Be At Your Best

The key to nailing a quality job often comes in the interview. Many people enter an interview unsure about they should be saying or how they should be promoting themselves. An interview should be more than an audition of your skills. Career coaching will help you determine how best to sell yourself as a vital asset to a company when you are in the process of interviewing for a management or executive position. The best interviewers are not necessarily those who have the best resumes, but those who are able to convince the hiring committee that they will lose money buy selecting someone else.

Prepare Yourself On Paper

Though a good interview and a good resume do not go hand in hand, it is nevertheless important to understand how best to put yourself and your corporate skills down on paper. The resume that you send out to a company in the hopes of getting hired will be one of dozens or hundreds that land up on a human resource department desk. How can you make it stand out? The solution is not fonts or italics but rather projecting the exact skills that every business wants to hire. Even some of the most mundane skills like clear communication, group work, and memo writing are all options that a career coach will help you improve on with your resume in order to signal that you are capable of meeting any demand. You can find out how to emphasize the high points of your employment history while minimizing any blemishes that you would rather avoid.

Learn The Steps To Get Ahead

It has never been easier for a person to return to school in order to get an MBA and further their education. This means that business knowledge is no longer at the premium that it used to be and the decision to hire someone no longer comes down to whether or not they have a textbook knowledge of business affairs. Career coaching can both supplement the knowledge that you gain in an MBA program or it can offer you the inside information that you may not learn in even the most rigorous program. The difference between book knowledge and street knowledge in business is huge, especially since many hiring committees will prefer to go with experience over education.

What Is Your Career’s Next Move?

There are different career coaching programs that you can enter into depending on what you want your business and life trajectory to accomplish. For those who only want to reach the upper echelon, the executive coaching will help you get a more nuanced understanding of how to guide a company towards greater efficiency and higher profits. For those who only need to get up to the next rung of the job ladder, on the other hand, coaching helps you look at what makes a successful manager. Coaches will help you not only look at the next move in your career but in the entirety of your career — where you want to be in twenty years as opposed to twenty days.

Preparation is Essential!

Glean Through The Jobs To Find The Best One

For those that have lost their jobs or are hoping to transition into new ones, the deluge of available opportunities to sift through can be overwhelming. A career coach will help you on the job search in order to pick through the various positions to find not only the one that is most likely to pick you, but the one that will provide you with the greatest job satisfaction. The endgame of coaching is twofold: to find quality work and to also enjoy what you do. Searching for this is a headache; coaching helps alleviate the frustration of looking through job boards and placements that are just not good enough.

Call The Shots

Once you have found your dream job, it is time to negotiate your dream pay. Career coaching finishes the deal by training potential managers or executives how to demand the best possible compensation for their services, ranging from a good salary with benefits to a retirement and severance package once the job is done. By simply agreeing to whatever the company offers, you can be leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Get every penny that you deserve with quality Executive Career Coaching.  One way to ensure quality Coaching is to choose and International Coach Federation Accredited Coach.  See the video below to find out why.