Coaching Within A Church Organization: The Unmet Need.

A church is a broad community of people from different walks of life and in different stages of life. Their personal needs can vary greatly. Coaching can provide a missing link in helping to assist people who attend a church, to move forward and make life transforming decisions with a clear purpose. The beauty of coaching is that it can be individualized. There is also a place for team coaching in the church, just as there is in the secular community.

A church may decide to just offer coach training to their congregation at large where anyone can learn from what we call The Awyken Certified Lay Coach Training. The result would be a much healthier and happier  church with people who are moving forward on their pathway of life purpose. For those seeking a deeper set of coaching  skills , the Awyken  Professional Certified  Coach Training would be the next step.

The Lay training is designed for those who currently have  people come to them for help with life issues or they may lead a small group gathering which often ends with them responding to individual life concerns.  Lay coaching is also, invaluable in building positive and encouraging parenting and marriage relationship. No , not in a formal coach setting but borrowing from coaching insights to help our love ones discover for themselves,  the solutions that serve their needs…. … Simply by asking skilled questions!

Coaching can be added to the existing toolbox and resources the pastor already uses to minister to his congregation. I have found coaching skills to be helpful in a broad range of human relationships and interactions, even in preparing my sermons. Coaching has made my preaching/teaching more effective because coaching involves asking questions as oppose to giving advise. Actually, JESUS is the best example for asking questions to engage people to think about  what was said and consider how it applies to their own lives.

People need to be self motivated as oppose to constantly being told  what to do. Coaching is ideal in helping people discover,  for themselves, how best to move forward in life. One of JESUS classic teachings is to Ask, Seek and Knock, as noted in St Luke 11:9-10. This biblical discovery method is incorporated into the Awyken Coaching Process… I call the Awyken Discovery Method.

Man was created to discover much of what he needs in life by Asking, Seeking and Knocking. Otherwise, we only learn what is presented to us in school and never seek a deeper knowledge and understanding of what God has already deposited into the earth, waiting for us to discover it.  Dr George Washington Carver, discovered over 300 uses for the peanut  all in an effort to respond to the struggling farming industry in the Southern states.

Dr Carver’s discoveries were a result of him asking God questions about the peanut , sweet potato ,weeds and many other plants and flowers he explored in the woods of Tuskegee, Alabama. Dr Carver went beyond just “Asking”, he began “Seeking” a deeper understanding and “knocking” on various doors of wisdom that opened up to  enable him to make the greatest  contribution for turning around the economy of the South. Certified Coaching is designed to help unlock the wonderful human potential , God has placed in every man.

The Awyken Certified Coach training has proven to open up greater possibilities , even among more seasoned and established  people. We have found that Coaching can help everyone do what they do more effectively. Another beauty of coaching is what works for someone else can also work for the trained coach, as well.

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Ed Smith

Pastor , Zoe Christian Fellowship

Whittier , California , 90604